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Our Story

As many businesses before us have done, Elite was born out
of need.  Our experience and track record is well known in
the manufacturing circle, having worked in the industry for
over 25 years.

One day, we received a call, asking if we could help clean a
facility.  The current contractor had packed his bags and they
needed someone ASAP.  So, we quickly came up with a
business name, wrote a proposal and went to work.  After a
great year with our client, we decided to expand.  We are the
best at what we do, so why not offer our services to other
companies in need?
Our experience comes from working for over 25 years in the food manufacturing industry.  We have
been in meat processing, beverage and sweet goods facilities and have extensive knowledge
of SSOPs, creating and maintaining master sanitation schedules, preoperational checklists, etc.  We
have been through AIB, SQF, FDA and USDA audits and know what it takes to not only pass them, but
to achieve the highest scores.

Manufacturing is not all we do, however.  Our office janitorial and restaurant cleaning staff take pride in
providing the best service in Charlotte.  They are efficient, trustworthy and are able to work in sensitive
environments where confidentiality is key.

Contact us today to see how we can help you succeed!